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Joyelle Naomi

Joyelle Naomi is the founder of Denver Independent School (DIS) and Black Homeschooling Sustainability Initiative (BHSI). She holds a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, is a home-based educator and co-founder of Kulan Village Homeschool Co-op. Passionate about encouraging more families to homeschool, she began to lay the groundwork for DIS, realizing that many underrepresented groups like POC and students with special needs, don’t always have the resources needed to sustainably homeschool. DIS is one solution that enables families with a variety of needs to have more legal freedom to homeschool. BHSI provides the educational, cultural and financial resources to homeschool effectively.

A proud Denver native, Joyelle loves the Colorado outdoors, homeschools her two wonderful children, and is a Trekkie for life! 

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